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I am very displeased with Demon today. Eight hours we were without Internet access. Eight hours!! I don't know what went wrong. It was fine this morning, but when I went to check email after lunch, nothing. Strangely the diagnostics for the modem said everything was OK, so I did the usual switch everything off, switch it back on again, but still no connection. I phoned the helpdesk and the status message said that the problems that some people had reported earlier had now been sorted out.

Oh, no they hadn't!

I tried phoning the helpdesk to tell them that we couldn't connect, but was put on hold. Gave up waiting after a few minutes and phoned the status message again. It now admitted there was a problem and they were looking into it. This continued all afternoon and evening, but the Internet finally came back on a little while ago.

Anyway, despite (or perhaps because of?) the lack of Net, I did quite a lot of useful things today, including cutting down most of the zombie shrubs by our car parking area and clearing the branches away onto the swamp. (It's not really a swamp. We just call it that because it is rather squishy and floods regularly when there is heavy rain and a high tide.) The zombie shrubs had been cut down to the ground once, but they returned from the dead and had become an ugly tangled patch again. I will do a bit more tomorrow.

And then, for some reason, I felt fidgety and energetic, so went for a bike ride and then cycled into town to buy milk and a few odds and ends from the Spar. (All went smoothly this time and I remembered to take money!)

Now I am tired and a bit stiff and achey.

The really annoying thing about being without Internet is that at the moment we are also without TV and rely on the BBC's iPlayer and the ITV equivalent to watch programmes. So we had no entertainment this evening. And we are without TV because the digital switchover took me by surprise -- I thought I had another week or so -- and currently the car is in the garage having work done to get it through the MOT.

I'm hoping that next week I'll be able to start sorting everything out once I have transport again. A trip to Llandudno is required, especially as I have an M & S voucher to spend. (I cashed in the Texaco points.)

But for now, though I could go and watch a programme now, I'm ready for an early night.

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