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It's raining again

After a dry spell, the grey skies that have become increasingly oppressive over the past few days had finally deigned to rain on us. I mean, if it's going to be gloomy, it might as well do it properly.

The car has been in the garage having a fair bit of work done to get it through it's MOT, but it was ready yesterday, so this morning, I decided to drive to the Co-op to do a big shop and stock up on heavy things like potatoes and tins of beans.

When I went to set off though, I found this. It seems that a little someone has been busy...

Wing mirror web

And there was one on the other side too.

Wing mirror web

These are the creations of my wing mirror spiders. They seem to regard the wing mirror housing as a wonderful spider cave and as the car rushes through the scenery, the web sweeps up insects. Then, when I park somewhere, the spider emerges from its cave for a feast.
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