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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Next destination: Rauros Falls

Miles travelled today: 6½
Miles travelled so far: 244 (1164 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 145
Percentage complete: 63%

Point reached on journey: After leaving at dusk and paddling cautiously, the sky clears and Sam notices ‘rind’ of the new Moon. We have now reached the north face of outer down ridge.

Where I really went...

G had organised a field trip for his evening class students. This involved driving around Mid-Wales and visiting a number of mine sites, all but one of which were completely new to me. My legs are now tired because the 6½ miles involved a lot of climbing up and down ravines and hillsides. I think I can call a rest day tomorrow.

I took a lot of pictures with both the DSLR and the Canon PowerShot. Here are the best from Cwmystwyth, which at one time was said to be the largest lead mine in the world. The valley has been mined for centuries and since our last visit, it seems that a pre-historic gold disc has been discovered!

Here are the remains of one of the old mine buildings.

Old mine building, Cwmystwyth

This gives an impression of the site. Believe it or not, it's looking much greener than last time we were there. Of course as it was a lead mining area, the soil was poisonous to plants and was totally bare for years. However, it seems that given time, even such a toxic site will recover.

Mine site, Cwmystwyth

Looking down the valley at the relatively untouched parts.


As we were leaving, the sky cleared.

Mine building, Cwmystwyth

This is all that is left of the big corrugated iron clad buildings that once dominated the site. They were demolished for safety reasons once the structures had deteriorated considerably.

Mine site, Cwmystwyth

The remains of some of the stone buildings.

Mine building, Cwmystwyth

Department of "It's a small world": One of the students who came along today is the partner of the woman whose parents bought our pony Donna for her to ride when she was a girl. (See icon)

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