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In which the washing machine finally arrives...

As the delivery people never phoned me about a new delivery date for the washing machine (which didn't come last Monday), I phoned on Saturday and after explaining what had happened several times ("It says here that the machine was delivered on 26 January." "No, it wasn't. You rang to tell me the van broke down.") they told me it would arrive today.

I zoomed into town first thing to pick up my prescription and the local papers, convinced that when I got home there would be a card saying, "We tried to deliver your washing machine, but you were out." There was no card and thankfully, just before lunch, the delivery man phoned to say they were in Corwen and would be with me shortly. Oh, and the old washing machine had been disconnected, hadn't it? No, it hadn't, because no one had said anything about that. "It's on the receipt," he said before hanging up.

Checked receipt. Yes, there it was in the small print.

Drag washing machine out and grovel behind it. Should be easy enough, I just need the wrench. Search G's Daihatsu. (He has lots of tools in the back for the field work.) Didn't find the right wrench. Then couldn't get the door to lock, so had to rummage in garage for the right wrench (found remarkably speedily, despite the heaps of stuff still in the garage) and then get the WD40 from the kitchen cupboard and spray the rear door lock so that the key would turn and I could lock the Daihatsu again.

After all that the disconnecting was a cinch. The men duly arrived and with much complaining at the weight of both the new machine (a Bosch) and the old one "Oh, it's not a Servis is it? They're the heaviest," they efficiently carted the old machine out and installed the new one. It is soooo quiet. Bliss...

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