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More Cwmystwyth photos

Here are a few more photos from yesterday, mostly Cwmystwyth, but this one is of the River Rheidol at the point where it flows through a deep gorge.

River Rheidol

The foundations of one of the big mine buildings at Cwmystwyth.


Since our last visit, there has been a lot of work done to fence off the mine entrances and post warning signs.

Mine entrance warning

Mine entrance warning

The gate blocking the entrance has been replaced since our last visit. They've also replaced the overturned ore wagon with a big pipe. You had to crawl under the wagon and then you found yourself in thigh deep icy water. By the time you waded through you were soaked almost up to the waist -- assuming you are as short as I am! After emptying out your wellies, you would warm up as you climbed and scrambled through the mine tunnels, but then you had to wade through the icy water again to get out. Emerging in the summer was fine, but emerging on a bitter February day with snow on the ground was no joke! (Yes, I have done that.)

Cwmystwth mine entrance

readthisandweep said in a comment to my last post that it was sad the way the buildings had been demolished on health and safety grounds. We were actually talking about this yesterday, especially in relation to the big lead mine at Frongoch, the site of which has now been bulldozed and turned into a timber yard.

On the one hand some people regard the old mine sites as an eyesore and feel they should be obliterated and it is true that some people (a different some people) will wander into mines totally unprepared for the hazards they are going to meet. It's also true that the mines are becoming increasingly dangerous. Even G has become more cautions, knowing that the timber supports have been rotting for further 10 years since we last went down Cwmystwyth. But on the other hand, it was a way of life and a history that is being obliterated, along with the buildings.

There is no easy answer.

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