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A useful way to spend a wet day

I have come over all nostalgic after scanning a couple of sets of 35mm slides. I'm still finding that some scan beautifully, while others are rather disappointing, but I've just found a lovely set from Pony Club camp 1990. Our daughter would have been about 14½ and our son would be 9½. The ponies are Rhodri the grey and Hippo the little dun.

Our daughter riding Rhodri

See how much paler Rhodri is in his summer coat compared to the winter. (See icon)

Our son with Hippo

I had intended to go to Llandudno to buy a new TV plus other mundane things, like new underwear and a couple of new shirts for G. I got a couple of Marks & Spencers vouchers from cashing in Texaco points, so I thought I could put them towards the clothes. But the weather was awful today and I don't like shopping at the best of times. I hate squelching from shop to shop and it completely puts me off buying things.

The forecast looks better at the end of the week, so it will have to be Friday now. Tomorrow and Thursday I have Welsh classes.

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