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Where did the week go?

This week I have been to my Welsh classes, though I still haven't been practising between lessons. I'm going to two classes at the moment, the one in Corwen run by the college I used to work for and one in my home town run by Aberystwyth university. Myfi, the Corwen tutor is using us as guinea pigs in order to develop a course to enable reasonably fluent learners to make the transition to actual users of Welsh in the real world. The other course is more formal, but it provides extra practice and I've met some new people, which is good.

I have to admit that I was feeling a little smug that I was the best in the class in the local group -- that was until I discovered that the Catholic priest (an Indian) already speaks 4 other languages and a woman who is originally from Kenya (though of Indian not African origin) already speaks Hindi, English and Swahili. I then felt very small and stupid because I have lived in Wales for over 30 years, been studying Welsh (albeit intermittently) for many years and so I really am an abject failure for not mastering the language by now.

In other news, my OU tutoring should start again in a couple of weeks, so I will be able to sign off and no longer be a Job Seeker. I have also been offered some teaching on the A-level English course at the local college. It's a big group, 30 students in total, which is too big for the lecturer to manage the creative writing project that they have to do. He asked his head of dept if there was any money to pay for someone to take half the students, and the HOD said yes and the lecturer asked me if I was interested.

I said yes, naturally, but I keep getting moments of panic because I've never really taught teenagers, apart from the Italians who came to stay each year when I was doing my last job. At least these teenagers will speak fluent English! :)

It should be fun and an interesting challenge, but I know that it's going to take it out of me. Where did all my youthful energy go? :(

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