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A few post-shopping thoughts

Memo to self: Next time you want an item, do make sure that it isn't available in town first. Ordering from the Internet is fine, but it's slower, especially when there's a proposed postal strike looming.

Why, oh why, do Boots keep altering their vitamins? I used to buy separate evening primrose oil capsules and cod liver oil capsules, but then they only seemed to have the combined capsules. So I bought those for a while, but now they've got back to stocking the separate capsules again. Probably the big branches stock all the varieties. I suspect we just get a subset of what's available.

Department of unbelievable economics: How on earth can they have little torches on sale for 79 pence? I don't think you can even buy a pair of AA batteries for that.

The little torch was an impulse buy because they were sitting by the checkout in the ironmongers. Last time I walked home from the college, I literally had to feel for the steps by edging along and tapping the ground ahead with a tentative toe. Usually you can see the steps, so I think a street light must have failed. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to carry a tiny torch in my handbag for these sorts of eventualities.
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