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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Next destination: Rauros Falls

Miles travelled on Saturday: 6½
Miles travelled yesterday: 4 (but it felt further, due to the very rough ground!)
Miles travelled so far: 271½ (1191½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 117½
Percentage complete: 70%

Point reached on journey: We're still paddling the boat down the river and have now reached the lowlands between the downs and the Emyn Muil.

Where I really went...

On Saturday I went up to see my elderly Quaker friends in the morning to help exercise their dog. Their dog trainer J was there and it was interesting to see her working with Brith. I am trying to absorb all I can about dog psychology because though I know cats and horses well, I have never had much to do with dogs in the past.

In the afternoon the weather was beautifully sunny and as I still felt in need of more exercise I tried something totally different and put the bike on the car (only the second time I've used the bike carrier) and drove up to the Coed y Brenin. I ventured round the very easiest of the bike trails called, very appropriately, Yr Afon. The trail runs up one bank of the river to the waterfalls and then crosses a bridge and runs back down the other bank. The map I'd picked up on my previous visit to the mountain biking centre suggested a time of 1-3 hours, so I was pretty pleased when I did it in 1.5 hours.

However, I now have a new fitness challenge, namely to be able to cycle the entire route. I had to get off and push the bike up about 3 sections because they were too steep and/or rocky.

Yesterday I went out with G and his students on an ecology field trip to look at the peat bog. The last time we tried to go up there was last winter and we were beaten back by the icy wind. This time, though the weather was not as nice as it had been on Saturday, it just about stayed dry and was not too cold.

Approaching the peat bog

Nikki brought her dogs Celyn and Fudge again. They loved the peat for some reason and got very silly running up and down the soft slippery black slopes.

Celyn and Fudge

The white stuff in the foreground is lichen. The rounded, brighter green vegetation is moss. The black mound is peat. Some layers have preserved chunks of tree roots, which we've previously had dated as 9000 years old.

Lichen and moss

The peat is very very black.

Peat with added collies


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