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Wrong kind of list

When I was teaching in the college, had a long commute and was doing other things as well -- which meant I had a lot to do and not much time to do it in -- I had a system of managing Things To Do that involved the Abstract Spoon ToDoList software to manage the projects, a paper sheet of Next Actions and a weekly diary sheet to commit to a number of Will Do items each day. This worked well (or at least as well as any of my time/project management schemes every work!).

But once I was made redundant, the whole thing seemed like overkill, so I slipped back into bad habits, stopped keeping the Next Action list and therefore haven't been as productive as I could have been. This didn't matter over the summer, but now the OU courses are under way and I'm working and studying, I was beginning to feel stressed because I was trying to remember stuff instead of writing it down. I'd tried using the Will Do sheet, but that didn't help.

It was the wrong kind of list!

The important list is the Next Action list and I've now reinstated it and abandoned the Will Do sheet instead. I only made the change a couple of days ago and already two items have been crossed off. I'm beginning to feel more in control again.

In other news I went up to see M and B and play with Brith again this morning. J the dog trainer was there and she is happy to include me in the training.

Because the weather was foul, she mostly worked with Brith in the house, which fortunately is large. The rain eased up briefly, so we did manage to snatch a few minutes outside throwing a ball and a soft frizbee for him to retrieve. Brith and I are getting used to one another and he is now realising that I also ask him to do things. We had fun playing hide and seek, find the treat and toy recognition. He is a bright dog. He knows "kong", "ball", "rabbit" and "pussy cat" and will search out the named object. (Rabbit and Pussy Cat are soft toys.)

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