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Writing progress

I have written 425 so far this morning. I need to write at least another 1000 today. It doesn't matter how bad they are because I just need to get a crappy draft done of the story that has to be finished, polished and submitted by midnight on 6 November. It's an assignment for the creative writing course I'm doing.

Yes, I should have started it sooner, but I was working on a different idea, and only realised a couple of days ago that it was still trundling down the runway and was never going to fly. I think the main problem is that what I thought was a short story now has more of the feel of a scene from a longer story. Though if I could get some sort of conflict or tension in there, it might work. Anyway, I decided to save that idea for later and go with something else. Hence the last minute panic.

It didn't help that last week was mostly spent getting my head around the requirements of the A-level English creative writing project. I start teaching a group of students this coming week and so that was rather urgent that I get everything organised.

A condensed version of this was also posted to iwrislomo. Replies welcome either here or there.
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