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What a week!

At last, a chance to sit down quiety and relax. I managed to leave work at 4.00pm and after arriving home at 5.00pm I have:

  • Moved all the boxes of files from the car boot and stashed them upstairs temporarily (see below for the reason for this activity)

  • Cleaned out the rats' cage

  • Played with the rats while relaxing on the sofa.

  • Gone through the BBC's list of 100 best loved books, highlighting in bold all the ones I've read. (Well everyone else seemed to be doing it, so why not?

  • Had some food

  • Cooked a dinner for G, who should be in shortly.

But it has been a very hard week, after a hard week last week.

Last week it was snow; this week it's been floods. Really bad weather makes the journey too and from work much more exhausting. And then to make matters worse, last night I was just putting my stuff into the car when one of the agri lecturers came over and said, "Did you know you've got a flat tyre?" Aaarghhh! No, I didn't. One of the front tyres was completely flat. Fortunately, he and our head technician very nobly changed the wheel for me, which only took them about 15-20 mintues. I couldn't have managed it on my own (even if I could have remembered how to use the special gadget to get the security nut off the aluminium hub caps) because it took all their strength to shift the nuts. I would have had to wait for the RAC, which would have probably meant cancelling the evening class as I wouldn't have been able to get there in time.

This is why one of my first tasks tonight was to carry all the boxes of files from the car. You see, in order to get at the spare wheel, we'd had to throw everything out of the boot and stuff it into the car any old how. So it's been brought in and my job for the weekend will be to sort through it all and rearrange it neatly before putting it back.

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