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Encouraging creativity

Over here, readthisandweep is talking about how creativity ebbs and flows and how to encourage it to flourish.

I've never done daily pages in the Natalie Goldberg sense either, though I do use her methods of freewriting very successfully with creative writing students. (The fact that freewriting doesn't work for me is irrelevant, writers write in different ways and the methods that do work for me don't work for lots of other people.)

I do find that the only way to make progress with a novel is to write every day (or as near to every day as possible), but if I'm between projects, just writing something every day for the sake of writing just leaves me with a lot of random fragments. I've never worked one of these up into anything useful, though noting down ideas as they occur does work and the last story I completed was based on an anecdote that my Welsh tutor told the class back in May. If I hadn't jotted it down, I'd have forgotten it.
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