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Feeling a bit stuck

It must be the awful wet and dreary weather, but I don't feel as if I got anything useful done either yesterday or today. Yet yesterday I taught the A-level English creative writing class in the morning and in the afternoon I caught up with the OU Advanced Creative writing course work. I typed up the little scene in which two characters have a conversation in order to demonstrate that I can write different accents. The scene was duly posted to my online tutorial group for comment. No comments yet, but I also caught up on critting the scenes the others had posted.

Today I skipped the Welsh class, not actually because of the foul weather, though driving through water strewn roads and high winds wouldn't have been fun, but because I was going to prepare the final A-level class for Friday. However, perhaps because I hadn't slept well last night (not sure why), I didn't settle to the lesson prep and felt a bit scattered and unfocused. (Though I did find an audio clip of the opening of a radio play to use in class.) Instead, I decided that I would set up the external hard drive I bought a few weeks ago and still hadn't got around to using.

A few months ago now, I was trying to do a panorama, joining about 3 photos together in PhotoShop Element, when the computer informed me that the hard disk was full.


I managed to delete enough stuff to rescue the situation at the time, but I realised that I needed to clear some space.

So today I cleaned my desk, connected up the external hard drive and then spent the rest of the day copying files to the new drive and making backups on DVD. All very useful, but slow and tedious and nothing really to show for it.

No further progress on the NaNo story either and I'm unlikely to make any until the weekend. :(

Anyway, I hope the computer will now run a bit better. I'd noticed that the fan seemed to be running at top speed all the time and I wondered if the fact that the computer only had a little sliver of hard disk to work with was causing it to work too hard. It now 33 GB to play with again, which I hope will make it happier.

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