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Miserable weather

Yes, I'm doing the British thing of talking about the weather, but it has been exceptionally bad for the last two days. I took these photos yesterday, but due to the archiving and hard disk clearing, I couldn't process them until this morning.

Flooded garden

This was taken at about 10.00 am, but the water didn't subside all day. Today the flood has drained away, but the sky is dark and overcast and the wind is howling outside and the trees are tossing about wildly. Part of me just wants to curl up under the duvet and go to sleep until it all clears up again. (I'm going to try a second dose of lightbox after lunch, I think, to see if that helps.)

The photo was taken standing on the lower terrace of our garden. Fortunately the garden slopes steeply, to the house is well out of any danger of flooding.

Flooded garden

Flooded garden

The tall shrubs mark the bottom boundary of our garden. Beyond that is some waste land, then the town's playing fields (which flood) and then the river.


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