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Writing progress -- NaNoWriMo

New words written today: 2016
Words written so far on NaNo: 18197
Percentage complete: 36%
Daily average required to complete by 30 November: 3975 (which is impossible!)
Reason for stopping: Time to make dinner.

Words that Word doesn't know: n/a

NaNoWriMo (Zanna and the God-King): 2016 new words:

Zanna and the God-King
18,197/ 50,000 (36%)

It looks as though I was right all along. I cannot keep up NaNoWriMo word counts every day. When I do settle to write, if I drop all attempts to write well, I can churn out 2000+ words with no problem. But there are days when my head is too full of important stuff and I'm unable to settle to write at all.

I missed 6 days straight last week while I was preparing and delivering the final lessons for the A-level creative writing sessions and I needed yesterday just to chill out and catch up with other things.

Anyway, the current plan is to carry on as fast as possible to get a complete draft of this story. It's likely to run to over 50K words, even in sketchy first draft, so I'm not sure how long that will take. According to my spreadsheet, if I continue at my present speed, I should complete the 50K by 22 December. However, I might do it faster than that because the A-level teaching has now ended and I only have to cope with normal work levels. Perhaps I should set myself the target of finishing this first draft by the end of 2009?

The really interesting part of this experiment will be seeing if I can turn this draft into something presentable. A lot of world building needs be done before that can happen though. I mean Saint Jacobus lobster festival? And a character called "Igor" as a placeholder? The world building my brain does on the fly leaves a lot to be desired!

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