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Writing progress -- Novel in 90

New words written today: 911
Words written so far for novel_in_90: 19673
Percentage complete: 29%
Daily average required to complete by 3 February: 683
Reason for stopping: I have enough words for today and I sort of know what happens next, so I'm stopping at a point where it will be easier to start again tomorrow.

Words that Word doesn't know: jongleur

novel_in_90 (Zanna and the God-King): 911 new words:

Zanna and the God-King
19,673/ 50,000 (29%)

I'm starting to settle back into the slightly slower novel_in_90 pace. Of course having tried for the past few weeks to push for more, 750 seems relatively easy, whereas when I did novel_in_90 before, it was rather more than the daily word count I always used to set myself, which was 400-500. These things are relative, it seems. I found the same with the photography. The first year I did the photo a week group, it seemed a strain to remember to come up with a picture every week, but after 3 months of doing a photo a day, one a week is a breeze.

Of course writing at this speed, I know that what I end up with won't be a novel, it will be a nearly novel length outline, but I think that writing fast will give it the sort of pace I want for a fantasy thriller.

Oh, and I did work out the other day how it will end. What I thought was the middle is in fact the climax. Making the end work will be challenging but interesting. :)

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