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Did I ever mention that I hate this time of year?

The weather memo seems to have done the trick and we did get some different weather, albeit for a couple of days. There is now snow on the mountains and it was cold and frosty this morning. However, it has also rained today and I have not ventured out.

This might partly explain my feelings of twitchiness. Despite a dose of lightbox each morning, the SAD gets to me at this time of year. I feel as though I have accomplished nothing today, yet in fact it's been reasonably productive. Not only did I write words this morning but I did a pile of ironing; answered queries in my online tutor group and steered yet another student towards the details of the first assignment (due on Friday and the requirements have been available since day 1, but somehow the large link from the home page seems to have escaped their notice); did a pile of ironing; found the location of the meeting G has to attend on Friday and printed out a map; and unwrapped the new HD TV recorder that was delivered today. Note I haven't got as far as connecting it yet, but I have unwrapped it. :)

Also, the planets must, for once, have been in a suitable conjunction for making successful phone calls because after several failed attempts in which I left messages on answerphones and with people who were not the plumber, but who promised to pass a message on to the plumber (though they obviously didn't, or the plumber was so flush with work that my paltry job was of no interest), I have actually managed to arrange for a plumber to come and look at our non-functioning gas fire and give us a quote for servicing the boiler. Not only that, but I have contacted the satellite dish/aerial installer to see about having a Freesat dish so we can get better TV reception and more channels.

So really, looking at it objectively, not a bad day.

Right, that's enough whingeing. G is out teaching an evening class, so I think I will watch a programme on the iPlayer and then sort out something for dinner.

A photo from yesterday. This is our house (with the white door). If you look carefully, you can see there is snow on the hill in the distance.

A change in the weather at last!

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