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Catch up post

I seem to be getting busier and busier. Wednesday was Welsh class in the morning and then I waited in all afternoon for the plumber who was going to look at the gas fire in G's study and also our combi-boiler. The gas fire had stopped working; it just would not light. The boiler is fine, but is overdue for a service, so we just wanted it checked over.

The plumber didn't come, but he did phone to apologise. It's taken ages to make contact with a plumber and to find one that will communicate is lovely.

Thursday I planned to do all kinds of things, but ended up spending a chunk of the morning re-taking passport photos because they didn't like the ones I'd sent before. Apparently my eyes couldn't be seen clearly enough. They must have got pickier over the last 10 years because you can actually see my eyes better than in my current passport photo. Anyway, photos were duly taken, printed and sent. Also I submitted Moving a Mountain to a competition being run by a local small press.

In the afternoon, I again waited for the plumber, but this time he came! And he mended the fire! I was, of course, expecting the worst: expensive part required; part no longer available; this type of fire no longer manufactured; waiting for weeks using inadequate little electric fire; eventual purchase of new fire. I was therefore relieved when it turned out to be a minor problem (blocked pilot light) and only took 15 minutes or so to fix. He still needs to service the boiler, but that should happen some time next week, all being well.

Then Thursday evening we drove down to Newport. G had a meeting with the university, but instead of our usual trip to the Caerleon Campus, the meeting was being held at the Allt-yr-Yn campus in Newport itself. We stayed overnight in a Travelodge at Pontypool, thus leaving just a short drive in the morning.

We only got slightly lost in Newport. :) What looked, from the map, to be a normal roundabout was actually a main road continuing on over a flyover while the roundabout was underneath, reached by a slip road... that we failed to take. Anyway, we wandered around a few streets and eventually found our way to the right area. Having deposited G in time for his meeting, I left the car where it was. I knew that if I drove anywhere, without a navigator I'd never find my way back, so wisely I walked down into town, which took little more than 10 minutes.

Some shops were reconnoitred but I spotted the transporter bridge in the distance and tried to walk to it. This was as close as I could get.

Transporter Bridge, Newport

There must be a way right to the bridge, but I started to think that I might get lost if I wandered any further and, besides, I'd come quite a way and I still had to walk all the way back to the campus. On the way back, I bought the items I'd spotted. Nothing very exciting, just new slippers, dressing gown and undies for me and a new pair of canvas trainers for G.

Back at the car, I caught up with LJ using the Eee and the dongle and then we drove home.

Today I popped up to see M and B and Brith, but the weather was too horrible for dog training, so I just helped B sort out problem with her phone account. (She must have clicked on something that she didn't mean to because AOL were trying to switch her away from BT and onto their AOL Talk scheme!) I also talked her through buying an item on the web.

And then this afternoon, I should have been marking, but I still feel slightly sniffly and I was tired after the drive yesterday, so the afternoon has vanished in trying to sort out students who are having problems with submitting their assignment and generally catching up online.

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