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Writing progress -- Novel in 90

New words written today: 931
Words written so far for novel_in_90: 28067
Percentage complete: 42%
Daily average required to complete by 3 February: 692
Reason for stopping: I had done my quota and had to go and do some marking.

Horrible things done to characters: Zanna has just discovered that an old friend is working for the secret service. She is also beginning to suspect there was more to her brother's death than she had previously realised.

Other: This morning I managed to get a writing session in by using the laptop on the kitchen table. I couldn't settle upstairs in my study because we had a man in to fit a new outdoor aerial on the wall, up by the roof. The job didn't take all that long and now we should have a much better TV picture. The little indoor aerial on the windowsill was OK up to a point, but it needed twiddling every so often to get the best signal and if it was raining hard, we seemed to lose the picture. Not good in this weather!

Yesterday, in an attempt to work out why I don't make better progress with writing, I devised a chart to analyse the figures from the start of my NaNo attempt onwards. As I suspected, it showed that if I can actually sit down to write, I achieve my target. Unfortunately, I have too many non writing days.

Percentage of days on which I wrote

However, despite non writing days, this rough-draft-cum-novel-sized-outline is progressing at a good rate. The really interesting part will be when I get to the revision stage. If it can be polished up into decent prose, then I may have a new working method that will be considerably faster than my old method of trying to get everything right at once, especially at the start when I don't know the characters.

novel_in_90 (Zanna and the God-King): new words: 931

Zanna and the God-King
28,067/ 67,500 (42%)
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