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Working in sloth mode

Today has been a rather bleah day.

It started when I fumbled the egg that I was going to boil for my breakfast. Fortunately it fell onto the dining chair and not onto the floor, so it was only cracked rather than splattered, but it meant I had to have a poached egg. I will have to have another poached egg tomorrow, as the fumbled egg managed to bounce onto one of its fellows en route to the chair, denting it slightly in the process.

I spent the morning writing a new word processing practice task and editing some of the old ones to suit the new style tests. I realised at lunchtime that, after starting the task booklet with gusto, I'm running out of steam. This always happens when I just have to sit on my own and work. Without the stimulus of other people, I gradually get slower and slower. I know this means that I could never be a full-time writer as I would, after a week or two, descend totally into sloth mode.

My ideal would be to find a happy medium between working full-time and trying to squeeze writing in round the edges and (assuming hypothetically that I ever get to the stage where I could make my living by writing), being a full-time writer.

I'm actually starting to get the writing itch again. At the moment, critiquing someone else's novel is occupying my writing slot in the day, but the WIP (well, both the WIPs, including the one that's not supposed to be IP at present) are starting to call pathetically for attention.

There's hardly anyone around in the college, but there's another week and a half to go before I can take holiday. I do have plenty to get on with; it's just my enthusiasm that's dwindling. I tried going for a walk at lunchtime, and it did clear my mind and I got some ideas sorted out, but as soon as I was back at the computer, my focus had gone. Sigh... I know if I procrastinate now, I'll regret it when term starts. Onwards then and upwards into another task...

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