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Never satisfied

You would think that a day in which I:

took the car into the garage to get a new tyre to replace the flat one; went to the doctor to sort out the red itchy patches of skin I've been suffering from since Christmas; did bits of shopping in town, made a wholemeal loaf; made two bara briths1 as thank you presents for the two members of staff who changed the wheel for me last week; caught up with my OU email and electronic conferences; caught up with my IWriSloMo mailing list email and wrote a database task

would feel pretty productive. But instead I'm just thinking of all the things I haven't done and I still need to write another database task, go shopping for food for the week, put diesel in the car, make food for me and G and iron some clothes for tomorrow.

And of course I haven't done any writing. Sigh...

1bara brith Lit. "speckled bread" or in other words a fruit loaf.

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