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Boxing Day

Officially the next part of the creative writing course I tutor started today. I suspect most (if not all!) of my students are still comatose and stuffed with Christmas food, but I emailed them all to remind them that holidays don't last forever.

Otherwise I haven't done much. I need to get into gear with the courses I'm studying. I have 3 assignments to complete before the end of January and the first (a dramatisation of a story) has to be submitted by 8 Jan, so I need to get a move on with that.

During 2009 I took part in a Photo-a-Week challenge and here is a mosaic of all the photos I took.

52 Weeks about U 2009 mosaic

1. Assorted chocolate biscuits, 2. St Mary's Church, Dolgellau, 3. Out of use, 4. Field with tree, 5. What makes you think it's cold?, 6. How not to write a novel, 7. Cadbury creme egg, 8. Trees and cloudy sky, 9. Did you want something? I'm busy reading., 10. Barmouth from near Llwyngwril, 11. Mahalo Les Paul ukulele, 12. Chump & Aimee, 13. Cregennen Lake, 14. I picked you a flower, but I'm not sure that you deserve it, 15. Me on Prestatyn beach (Self-portrait), 16. Dec & Erin, 17. Bluebells, 18. Ruthin Church, 19. Pansy, 20. Rainbow with sheep, 21. Remains of slate quarry buildings, Betws-y-Coed, 22. Juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpecker , 23. George & Toll bridge, Penmaenpool, 24. Cloudy sky from my study window, 25. George above the old gold mine, 26. Immature robin, 27. Graham in his PhD robes, 28. Welsh Highland Railway Engine K1, 29. View looking north, 30. Llyn Wylfa, 31. Steam train approaching Barmouth, 32. Cliff Railway and Aberystwyth, 33. Crochet shawl close up, 34. Completed shawl, 35. Low flying rainbow!
36. Sgwd yr Eira, 37. Rowan tree, 38. Wing mirror web, 39 Old mine building, Cwmystwyth, 40. Our Siamese cat, 41. Mail-coach in sepia, 42. Celyn and Fudge, 43. Gwynant Valley, 44. Bracket fungus, 45. Flooded garden, 46. Self portrait, 47. A change in the weather at last!, 48. Transporter Bridge, Newport, 49. Unusual green ball, 50. Thames Barrier and London Docklands, 51. View near Llanelltyd

Yes, if you count, you'll see that I missed one week.

In 2010 I'm going to have another go at a photo-a-day. Last time I tried I managed 90 days, so I am very much going to take it a week (or even a day!) at a time and see how it goes.

But I do find these challenges useful, otherwise it's all too easy to leave the camera in the bag and get out of practice.
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