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The changeability of the British weather

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, though chilly. I have lots of things I should be getting on with, including writing a radio play for the next assignment for the OU advanced creative writing course, but I couldn't waste a day like this, especially as I have to reach Rauros falls before the 31 December (my self-imposed deadline).

As it was so nice, I decided to walk to the seaside. Not all the way, it's true; that would take much too long. Instead I drove to Arthog, parked the car in the car park by the Mawddach trail and walked from there across the bridge to Barmouth. It turned out to be a free crossing too because there was no one taking money in the little hut on the Barmouth side.

Because it's wide, I've put the large panorama looking up the estuary behind the cut so as not to mess up your friends' page.

Mawddach Panorama

And here is a cheerful diesel train that passed me as I was heading towards the bridge. It has just come from Barmouth, next stop, Morfa Mawddach.

Train approaching Morfa Mawddach

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