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Eowyn Challenge -- Arrived at Rauros Falls!

Next destination: Isengard

Miles travelled today: 10
Miles travelled so far: 389 (1309 from Bag End)
Percentage complete: 100%

Point reached on journey: We have reached the lawn of Parth Galen below Amon Hen. “Rauros was calling with a great voice.” We have made camp...

Where I really went...

I hadn't planned to reach Rauros Falls today. The weather forecast was not good, but I wanted to reach my destination before the end of 2009. Realising around 11 am that it wasn't actually raining, I ventured out. My plan was to do a quick cycle ride to add enough miles to put me in easy reach of the finish of this leg, which could be accomplished tomorrow.

Except when I reached the point where I intended to turn round and cycle back, the weather wasn't all that bad (still no rain!) and instead I headed up the Gwynant valley, past Kings Youth Hostel and came back via Cader Road. No photos, I'm afraid, but everywhere was grey and drear.

I did think a couple of times that the idea of doing the circular trip wasn't terribly bright. I had forgotten that though it wasn't all that cold down by the estuary, a few hundred feet higher, it was trying to snow, but it wasn't cold enough to freeze and the roads were clear of ice, so I persevered and eventually was rewarded with the long swoop down the hill into town. I did push the bike up most of the hills, but the extra couple of miles meant that the effort was worth it and a total of 10 miles for the day put me at Rauros Falls. :)

I think I'll have a rest day tomorrow, then it's onwards to Isengard with Merry and Pippin.
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