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Writing for radio

So far I have completed just under 4 minutes of the 15 minute script that is required for the next assignment.

Getting the rest shouldn't be a problem, though I'm finding it slow going. It's not that my characters don't talk. Heavens, usually if I get a couple of my characters together they can waffle on for pages. No, the problem is steering the story when there's no narrative and only speech and sound effects to work with. It feels a bit like manoeuvring a heavily laden supermarket trolley with a wonky wheel. And the dialogue has to sound natural.

A bigger worry is that the whole idea is too slight to support expansion into a 15 minute drama. We have to convert the story that we wrote for the first assignment and though it worked really nicely as a 1500 word story, but I'm starting to think that 15 minutes is going to be just the wrong length for it as a radio play. Too long for the original conceit to work and not long enough to expand it fully into something more solid.

Oh, well. I will have to see how it turns out when it's finished.

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