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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!

We had our usual quiet evening. A nice roast dinner (chicken with stuffing, roast potatoes and veg) and a bottle of wine, followed by a night watching things on the iPlayer until just past midnight.

I'd forgotten about the so-called "blue moon", but as I went into the kitchen just after midnight to switch everything off for the night, I noticed a) some neighbours a few doors away was letting off fireworks and b) that it looked unusually bright out in the back garden. Stepping outside, I found that the grass, picnic table and shed roof were glittering with frost and the full moon was high in the clear, cold sky.

I was mildly disappointed that it wasn't actually blue. (I had forgotten the explanation I linked too, which personally I find unsatisfactory as it clearly infringes the Trades Descriptions Act!) but it was very beautiful.

A lot of people are doing detailed end of year or even an end of decade round ups, but I'll give that a miss due to lack of time and inclination. In brief...

2009 wasn't a bad year for us and it was, on the whole, a good decade. Both children got married to lovely partners and I am now a grannie. G completed a PhD. I was teaching in probably the best jobs I've ever had and we started travelling abroad for the first time since the early 70s so I got to visit America twice. There was a slight blip at the end when I lost my main job. But that hasn't turned out too bad and after a year of being very cautious while we saw how the money went, we are thinking of an Interesting Trip Abroad for some time in the summer of 2010. I also seem to have got my desire to write back, at least partly due to doing the two Open University creative writing courses. All being well, these will give me a diploma later this year. More importantly, the studying and assignments have consolidated what I knew before and have filled in some gaps (notably the poetry and hearing the words on the page instead of just processing words directly into pictures). I'm also working on the first draft of a totally brand new novel that didn't exist even in the vaguest form before last summer. (And for someone who had been working on old ideas for some years, that is both refreshing and encouraging. There was a point where I began to think that new ideas were drying up as I got older!)

Anyway, that's enough of looking back. I have new projects for 2010 and I have no doubt that I'll be talking about them here in due course. So for now I will just say...

To all of you who had a good year last year, I hope this year is at least as good and to those who had a rotten year, I hope this one is much, much better.
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