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Eowyn Challenge -- Rauros Falls to Isengard

Miles travelled yesterday: 1½
Miles travelled so far: 1½ (1310½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 353½

Percentage complete: 0.5%

Point reached on journey: Frodo, followed by Sam, has sneaked off with the ring and we have run from Parth Galen searching for him. Attacked by orcs! Boromir mortally wounded and Merry and Pippin captured.

Where I really went...

I reached Rauros Falls a couple of days ago, so as I was about to embark on the next leg of the journey, I looked for the nearest equivalent I could find locally.

Pistyll Cain, Coed y Brenin

Not quite the Rauros Falls, but it will have to do. :)

I've photographed these falls a few times before, but I think this is the best effort so far. I wasn't hopeful because it was late afternoon and the light was already fading, but a tripod makes all the difference. Actually, I think the absence of strong sunlight helped because usually there's too much contrast between the sunlit trees above and the rocks below that are always in the shadows.
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