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Cottage burners entertain?

I did a classic double-take walking through the hall of the community centre. Heading towards the kitchen, clutching my mug and tea bag, my eye had caught a poster saying:

Ruthin Music Club


Meibion Glyndwr

Male Voice Choir

Back in the 80s, Meibion Glydwr (lit. "Sons of Glyndwr (often Anglicised to Glendower) were -- according to rumour -- an organisation of fanatics who burned holiday homes owned by English people1. So I'm now curious as to whether the choir's name predates the holiday home arsonists, or whether 20 years on, the hot-heads have settled down and turned to music.

1The existence of such an organisation is debatable. Some holiday cottages were burned, that's definite. But the question of whether there ever was a carefully planned campaign was never really answered. Some prefer the theory that the isolated actions of a few individuals was blown up by the press to seem like an organised conspiracy .

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