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The thaw

The weather forecast said it would be warmer today, and it was. Looking out of my study window early this morning, it was raining and the snow was disappearing fast. Not only that, the birds were singing. It's not exactly a dawn chorus yet, but they are showing signs that they think spring will come before too long.

This video I took this morning is possibly one of the world's most boring, but I'm posting it here as an experiment. It's just 60 seconds long. As well as the birds, you can hear the drip of melting snow and the hissing of the rain.

There is a bird that G and I know as the tweetle, because it's call goes: tweet-le, tweet-le, tweet-le, tweet-le, tweet-le. For years all I knew was that it was a small bird that sings very loudly, but I've finally managed to identify it as a great tit. According to the web site, it calls, "Teacher, teacher, teacher," but I still think it's a tweetle. :)

Here's a short clip illustrating its call. This was recorded later in the day so the snow has gone and there is more traffic noise in the background. You can hear the great tit most clearly around 7 seconds and again at 18 seconds.


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