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First draft of the assignment done

I've been rather quiet over the past few days because I have 3 assignments to complete by the end of the month. I hate, hate, hate writing essays. It's the references that I find frustrating. I want to just write about the topic, but no, I have to track each piece of information down and indicate exactly where I got it from.

I also wish I could shut off my perfectionism at times like this because that's what leads me to procrastinate. Even though the spreadsheet I did this morning showed me that the difference between earning 85% for this assignment and earning 55% translates to a mere 3 or 4 marks in the overall score for the course, I cannot bring myself to throw something slapdash together and bung it in.

Ah, well. One more severe pruning pass tomorrow to get it down from 1500 words to 1000 and then it can be submitted.

One down, two more still to go...

Off to the Co-op now for pizzas.

PS I'm still taking a photo a day, but no time to process. Not that they're very interesting as I haven't been anywhere.

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