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Busy working, but thought you might like this

A productive day. I've already done quite a bit namely: nipped over to the college to see one of the tutors about re-taking the literacy module instead of doing the well-being (I'm not going to be able to do the assignment for that module because of the type of teaching I do); handed in the last of the A-level stories with my comments on it; contacted the well-being tutor to apologise and say I'm dropping out of her class; photographed a banana for my photo-a-day project; posted the welcome messages to the new tutor group forum (new course starts at the weekend) and I have pruned the 1500 word OU creative writing assignment down to 1000 words. Whoopee!

I just have to do a final pass on the essay and then submit it before preparing the lesson for tomorrow.

So it's all busy busy busy here, but I did get distracted for a moment by this video of the talking mystic cat. I really did LOL. :)
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