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Dw i wedi blino rwan/I'm tired now

I still want to try to write that extra 357 words to get the total MS to an exact 30,000, but I've tired my brain out by reading 6 pages of Harri Potter a Maen yr Athronydd (Harry Potter in Welsh).

The Catchphrase Lessons on CD while driving to work must be having an effect because it didn't take me all that long and there were occasionally whole paragraphs where I read and understood every sentence without having to look up a word and only had to glance at the original English version just to confirm that my understanding was correct.

Also my spoken Welsh must have improved too because I managed to have a conversation with a student half in Welsh half in English yesterday. I was sitting quietly in one of the computer rooms working away at a handout and lesson plan for the Italian students we have to teach PowerPoint to on Monday, when one of the agriculture students knocked on the door and asked (in Welsh) if he could use a computer. For some reason, even though my reply was shaky, he didn't shift immediately into English and so I managed to get my brain into gear and not only understand most of what he was saying but actually managed to speak some Welsh, which he seemed to understand, so it can't have been that weird.

Which does go to show that if Welsh people would only stop being so polite all the time and switching to English, we learners would improve so much faster.

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