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Photo-a-day 35/365 New books!

New books!
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Last week I finally spent the gift vouchers I received for Christmas and my new books arrived today.

Amazon no longer use the Royal Mail and that is another reason for going off them. Our postman is fine about leaving things with neighbours. I mean, in some areas that wouldn't work, but this is a tiny town and the neighbour either side have lived here as long as we have, which is over 25 years.

The new delivery company had tried to deliver on Tuesday, but we were out and so they'd taken the parcel away again. However, I must give them credit for having an easy to use website to request an alternate delivery date and they did duly re-deliver when I asked, so they're much better than some carriers I've had to deal with.

Anyway, I now have my new books and when I've finished the novel I'm reading, I have lots of goodies to look forward to.
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