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Photo-a-day 41/365 Boxes of files

Boxes of files
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

Something of a desperation shot -- but it is colourful, thus complying with my self-imposed theme! :)

I'm currently buried in marking hell with no time to go out to find something more interesting. Also no time to tidy my office. In fact I had to put off the cavity wall insulating people who wanted to come tomorrow!

Eek! No! No way!

The chappie who came to look at our house said the work wouldn't be done for another six weeks, so I thought I'd have plenty of time to get organised. Normally it wouldn't matter because they'd be working outside, but because of the conservatory on the back, they will have to do one wall from inside, which means making sure that they can get to the wall, which will mean a bit of tidying.

Anyway, all arranged now for a day next week.
Tags: 365 photo project, photography

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