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An unexpected day off

It's snowing hard here. This is very unusual because although I live in North Wales, which is mountainous, we're actually only a few miles from the coast, so the climate is correspondingly mild (and wet, of course). But last night it snowed a bit, so I was a bit unsure about travelling today. Even so, I was all geared up to go, when it started snowing again during breakfast. Then I went into a dither. Was it bad enough to phone the college and say that I couldn't get in? After more dithering, I decided that it was. So I phoned, only to discover that they didn't have any snow, but the receptionist had heard we had a lot our way. I nearly said that I'd come in just for the afternoon (I hate letting people down), but then my resolve hardened and I said that it wasn't looking good and I didn't want to get in and then become unable to get back home. And then, after emailing my head of department, I realised I had a whole free day that I wasn't planning on having. Wheeee!

And I needn't have felt guilty about crying off over a bit of snow. It's been snowing really hard for ages now, so it definitely wouldn't have been safe to try the 1 hour journey without 4-wheel drive.

So now what do I do with the rest of the day?

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