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Excursion to an old lead mine

Yesterday was another geology field trip with G's evening class. (Yes, I know it was Mothering Sunday and I'm supposed to spend the day being pampered, but the exercise was probably much better for me!)

We drove down to Talybont near Aberystwyth and once everyone had arrived, we drove up the narrow lane to the site of the old mine buildings. From here we had about a 6 mile walk up to the top of the mountain and back. Though it was occasionally cloudy and still not exactly warm, we had another fine day.

Bwlchglas near Talybont

The view looking back the way we came as we approached the top of the hill.

I am not going to bore you with the photos of rock, lots of fine grained grey rocks, but once up on the top we split into two groups to map the dip and strike of the bedding. We finally converged on an outcrop of rock that Nikki had somehow managed to find in the middle of a small forest, and we ate our sandwiches in the relative warmth, sheltered from the chill wind. Despite the fact that we haven't had any rain for a month or more, the forest was still damp and dripping with all sorts of mosses.

We made our way down the direct way, down the old mine incline.

Incline, Bwlchglas lead mine

The sky turned a bit dark and stormy looking as we headed back to the cars, but it only threatened.

Bwlchglas near Talybont

But it did provide a dramatic sky.

Trees near Bwlchglas lead mine

From here we drove on the few miles into Aberystwyth and parked down near the Cliff Railway. I was interested to see that the old Alexandra Hall of Residence is now inhabited again. Several of my friends lived in that hall when I was a student many years ago, but more recently it had been condemned as unsafe and had been empty for quite a while. However, it has all been done up and there's a new extension at the back.

Here is the view of Aber from the beach at the foot of the cliffs.


(click through for the larger size)

After scrambling over the breakwater and investigating the layering and folding of the greywackes, we set off for home, treating ourselves to a burger from the McDonalds en route.

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