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About that photo-a-day project...

I've been thinking long and hard about the photo-a-day project over the weekend and I've decided to take a break.

I'll continue to the end of this month (I have at least half a dozen photos I've taken and not processed), then I'll take April off and see how I feel about carrying on after that.

It's not the taking of the daily photo that's the problem,it's the processing that is so time consuming and I'm starting to feel frustrated because people (both here and on Flickr) are sometimes making useful comments about trying something slightly different with the processing and I just don't have time to experiment if I'm committed to taking a picture every day.

It came to a head this morning when my computer wouldn't come on properly and it took several goes before I could get it booted up. The problem seemed to be that I had almost filled the hard drive! I spent the morning archiving photos and deleting them from the computer, but it made me realise that just taking a photo for the sake of it is perhaps not what I should be doing right now.

I need to process what I've learned about taking shots that are slightly outside my normal style of picture and I want to learn some new techniques in PhotoShop, but to do that, I have to stop pushing for a photo every day.

I'm not stopping completely of course, I'm still a member of the photo-a-week group, but I'm going to start aiming to take and post 2-4 pictures a week instead of 7. One thing that I have found has worked well has been choosing a theme and sticking to it, like "colours" for February and "black and white" for March, so I might still go with a theme and see where that takes me.

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