Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Photo-a-day 91/365 The dentist's surgery

Today was the day for my annual checkup at the dentist. Thankfully all was OK. Apart from a good clean, my teeth didn't need any treatment this year. :)

Afterwards I walked the rest of the way into town and picked up the local paper, which, fortuitously, enabled me to meet the chap who is going to cut down the tree in our back garden. I'd been meaning to phone him to accept his quote, but he had told me he would be away for a few weeks (in China doing some kind of charity walk) and couldn't do it until early April. Anyway, the chance meeting saved me a phone call.

PS After having doubts about being able to carry on with the 365 project, I've decided to continue but be a bit more relaxed about it this month. I'm not going to stress about taking good pictures and go for a more photo-blogging, casual style (though if a good subject comes along, I will, of course, grab the chance to capture it if I can).

The theme for this month is therefore "whatever". :)

PPS I don't suppose anyone's counting apart from me, but there were no photos for days 88, 89 and 90.
Tags: 365 photo project, photography

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