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Spring cleaning

Iron Even I have started to notice the grimy state of the house, but until now, I had too much work to do on the computer to have time to tackle the cleaning. I do have daily routines in place to ensure that the dishes are washed, clothes are laundered and that sufficient cleaning is done to ensure that basic hygiene standards are met, but the house desperately needs a more thorough clean.

Anyway, I made a start by spending the weekend ironing and ironing and ironing and finally got rid of the huge backlog of clean-but-not-yet-ironed clothes that were cluttering up the conservatory. I also decluttered a few items from the conservatory and today I made a start on the kitchen by cleaning out the crockery cupboard. As well as giving the shelves a good scrub with hot water, laced with washing soda and a splash of bleach (which beats all the fancy cleaning products you can buy, as far as I'm concerned), I also weeded out the mugs and threw away the ones that have become tired and stained or (in one case) slightly chipped.

The next task is a trip to the ironmongers cum hardware shop to find some replacement mugs and also buy a new washing line to replace the old one that used to hang between the two big trees.

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