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Cleaning the house, one cupboard at a time...

I'm feeling somewhat frustrated that I'm not doing proper posts here. At least not what I consider proper posts. I'm just about keeping up with the photo-a-day and posting them here too so you know that I aten't dead, but I'm not using this journal for reflecting on Stuff, which I always find useful.

Anyway, I just have to do the final tweaks to the late essay for the BA Education course and make a poster out of the key points and then all my deadlines will be in the future. What a novel thought! :)

Once the heavy, dragging feeling of having overdue stuff hanging over me has gone, I'm hoping it will allow me to get on with other things, like doing something with all the seeds and plants I bought and spring cleaning the house. I have made a small start on the latter by cleaning out a couple of cupboards. I did the crockery cupboard the other week and today I did the tea cupboard.

I possibly have too many kinds of tea! I think I need to rationalise a little. I'm still not even sure whether I like camomile and chai, but I need to use those up and if I haven't definitely acquired a taste for them by the time the packs are finished, then I must not buy more!

Anyway, yesterday I bought a new china tea caddy and a few plastic containers to keep everything under control and ensure that it stays fresher so the teas are all nicely organised. This has to be progress of a sort...

In other news, now that we've had some rain, even though the weather has gone colder again, everything is bursting into leaf and starting to grow so today the view from the study window looks more or less like the icon.

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