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Progress of a sort

Today I managed to negotiate a different time for the phone interview for the new OU tutoring job I've applied for and sent off the comments I'd written on the sample essay. If anything does come of this interview, I'll say more about it in due course. Otherwise not.

Also managed to do other dull stuff like proof read and do worked examples of the first four database tasks in the New CLAIT booklet I've written for the college, washed a pile of clothes (currently tumbling in the dryer) and made bread.

Next I'm going to type up the edits I've made on the printout of the Prologue and Chapter 1 of the WIP. Then I have to plan a teaching session for the B.Ed. group on Thursday because G has to go and do a talk about Flooding and I've got the job of looking after his class for the evening.

The snow has almost gone now, but I'll try out my new icon which is from a photo I took last Friday, when the snow was at its snowiest.

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