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Oh, God! I've just realised it's Tuesday!

About half an hour ago, a horrible feeling came over me as I realised it was Tuesday. And I had totally forgotten to go up to see the nice elderly lady this morning and give her a computer lesson!


I have just phoned her and apologised. Actually, last week, B had forgotten it was Tuesday and was in the middle of sorting out stuff from the attic when I arrived, so I suppose that makes it quits.

I think all these deadlines are doing something to my brain, though it did feel totally like Sunday all day yesterday because it was the Bank Holiday. And if yesterday was Sunday, today had to be Monday, didn't it? I was also distracted because I'd run out of my tablets and had to rush into the chemists first thing to collect a new supply. Then I was busy working through the course for tutors about the new online audio conferencing system the OU is using. I wanted to do that today because we're having a practice session this evening. I think that's probably why I forgot B's lesson because I've been so intent on not forgetting to turn up online at the required time (I completely forgot about an online tutorial last year, fortunately one in which I was a student and not the tutor, but still...) that I had no room in my head for anything else.

I have also been making posters and learning my part for the drama my Welsh class is putting on. It's the dress rehearsal tomorrow and I want to actually know my lines. Not that I have a big part, but I have two small ones. I am Cynghorydd #1 (Councillor #1) and Nest, Nel's youngest daughter. The whole thing is very silly and great fun and it's being videoed for posterity. I do hope we can get it up on Youtube, and if so, I will of course provide a link.

Nel, the starring role is being played by a real actress (retired now, of course) who once acted with Peter Cushing, no less! :)

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