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The desire for routine

What I need right now is not a holiday, but several boring weeks of routine work with nothing odd or unusual happening. Then I might just start to get caught up again. A holiday would mean lots of unstructured days and temptations to goof off, but a nice run of routine, with no extra classes to teach, no extreme weather, no cars to take into the garage for repair, no tutorials and the Internet working properly at work would be just the thing.

I'm feeling lethargic today. Set off to work late, partly due to having to haul all the boxes of files out of the garage and stow them back in the car boot. (They'd all been put in the garage so the car could have the last of its new tyres on Friday.) Yes, I know I should have put them back over the weekend, but it was cold and snowy and I didn't feel like it.

At least (weather permitting) this week should be more or less normal, apart from having an extra class to teach on Thursday evening as I'm minding G's B.Ed. students while he goes off to give a talk on flooding to a Civic Society in North Wales.

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