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Marking is nearly finished!

I just have two more assignments to finish marking tomorrow, then I can concentrate on writing my own assignments.

With hindsight, I shouldn't have taken on two different degree level courses simultaneously. I know that I was not working when I made that decision, but I should have known that starting courses usually leads to me getting more work that I can't turn down and then I end up trying to do too much. :(

Anyway, once this final OU assignment is done, I'm having a rest from OU courses for at least a year. I do have nearly enough points for another BA, so it seems silly to get this far and not complete, but I'll finish the BA Education first. Next year I'll be doing the dissertation, so I don't want anything to distract me from that. Apart from writing, of course. But when I'm writing a novel for my own fun and amusement, I can pick it up and put it down as other deadlines and work pressure dictates.

However, I do fancy the OU's children's literature course, but it's brand new, so there's plenty of time. No need to rush to do it.

And now I think a refreshing walk in the rain to the Co-op to get pizzas for dinner...
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