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Photo-a-day 136/365 The deadlines loom closer...


It's been a lovely bright day here but I spent most of the morning working on the short story for the final assignment of the advanced creative writing course. It's about a piano playing cat, rape, reincarnation and the possibility of redemption. I have no idea whether the thing is working and I don't have time to ask for crits on the whole thing (though I've asked some fellow students for comments on whether the transition into flashback is working), but the plan is to do the best I can with it tomorrow and get it ready to post on Tuesday or Wednesday the latest.

Then I just have two more essays to write in the second half of the week and I'll be done with studying for a little while.

But I did get out for a little walk this morning and saw this chap (or chapess) hunting for lunch on the other side of the river.

Heron by the Mawddach Trail

For once I had the right lens on the camera, so I could get a decent shot, even though the bird was some distance away.
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