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Writing progress

Um... There hasn't really been any, other than almost completing the edits of the prologue and Chapter 1. This proved a bit more lengthy than I thought it would. (Doesn't it always?) First I had to look up how old Ordovician rocks would be, in order to work out the age of Holly Pike (the magic mountain). Then I had to make up a name for "Orcland" (which is what it said in the first draft). And then I tried to find Ceri's second name, which I was sure I'd invented, but which I couldn't find in my notes. While doing this, I discovered that I'd already made up a much better orcish name for "Orcland". Duh... (Note to self: Sometimes a bit of housekeeping is necessary and is not falling into the Endless Revision Loop.) I'm keeping both names, actually, so it now has orcish, human and elvish names.

I also found that the database I'd created to keep track of character names and descriptions contained only one character. Who the hell is that? I thought, staring at the screen. Total non-recognition. Details said he was in the WIP. Then the penny dropped. I was looking at his full name, but he's known by his nickname. In the end, I didn't find Ceri's second name anywhere and had to make up another. So my next bit of novel housekeeping is to go through the WIP and put all the characters into the database, so I don't have to waste time again looking for a name I'm sure I've invented.

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