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Photo-a-day 142/365 New sandals

New sandals
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

It's finally hot enough to wear my new sandals and show off my horribly pale feet and ankles! :)

I think that this year I may have finally found a comfortable pair. I always used to wear "Jesus sandals" and walked miles in them, but more recently I've had trouble finding what I want. I had what should have been an ideal pair from either Landsend or Hawksead (can't remember now, but those rugged, all-terrain sandals). Unfortunately, though the rubbery soles were indeed comfortable, unless I wore socks or tights, due to the rubberiness, the sandals made an embarrassing farting sound as I walked. As the whole point of wearing sandals is to able to go barelegged, I hardly ever wore them.

Then I had a pair from Hotter that again ought to have been comfortable, but the bands over the feet were so wide that they actually managed to pinch the skin between them.

But this pair feel really good. I've been wearing them around the house all day, so I'm off out now to the Co-op to see how they are to walk in.
Tags: 365 photo project, photography, shoes

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