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Yesterday's field trip

The run of extraordinary good weather continued for yet another field trip. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, but thankfully there was a lovely cool breeze, otherwise we would have sweltered because we were out on the bare mountains with no shade whatsoever.

Gated lane & Cadair Idris

The road up to the field study area was a gated, single-track lane. These are common round round here. There are occasional passing places for cars to pass. Negotiating these in a convey of 6 cars can get interesting, especially when I managed to direct G down the wrong lane (of course everyone else was following us!) and we all had to turn round. Oops!

The mountain range in the distance is Cadair Idris, seen without it's usual covering of cloud.

Geologists with rocks

The geology group home in on the interesting rock outcrop. Note the dogs Celyn and Fudge who are watching the humans.

Hot dog

Fudge trying to cool off after running around on the mountain. She has found the only patch of shade for miles around!

We visited two different locations a few miles apart. It was driving from one to another that I managed to lead everyone up the wrong lane. We then did what we should have done in the first place and put the person who used to live in the locality in the lead. Fortunately, once all the cars had been turned around, which meant that the one who had been first was now last and the one who had been last was now first, completely by chance, the right person was then leading the way and we reached the next location without further incident.


There were lots of bluebells amongst the trees and they were also spreading onto the hillside. They smelled gorgeous.

Despite spending the day walking up and down steep mountains, my pedometer informed me that I had barely managed to get above the "Sedentary" level of activity. My legs, however, informed me that I had in fact done plenty of activity. The thing about pedometers is that they can't distinguish between plodding up a near vertical slope (some scrambling required) and pottering around the kitchen. However, the former takes a lot more energy than the latter.

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