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Aaarrrgh! I hate computers!

I must have wasted an hour or so this afternoon because Word suddenly turned up its toes and died. Restarting the computer didn't solve the problem. Word would start to run and then crash. Running the repair Office routine from the original CDs didn't work either. I suspected the virus checker was implicated because I thought it had downloaded an update around about the time Word stopped running. It wasn't the virus checker, but in Googling in order to see whether anyone else had had a problem, I came across the possible solution.

I'm pleased to say that copying an older version of the normal.dot template file from the laptop solved the problem. Even when I thought that might be the answer, it did take a while to find the right template folder, which is well buried in the folder structure, but I did find it and the replacement file did the trick.

*Sigh* I get really wound up when things don't work. I know I shouldn't; my emotional state was out of all proportion to the problem. I could have used Open Office. I could have used the laptop (which I did actually begin to do, only then I had the brainwave about the normal.dot file). I still seem to be suffering from residual stress from all the overdue deadlines (only one more assignment to go now!) and I desperately wanted to finish critiquing the stories my students had posted for the first tutorial, so there was a Last Straw quality to the total collapse of Word.

Anyway, I'm ploughing through the critiquing now. Onwards and upwards!
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